VDI offers subharmonically-pumped mixers (SHM) and even-harmonic mixers (EHM) for a variety of applications between
50 GHz and 1700 GHz. These mixers use only planar and/or integrated diodes and provide state-of-the-art performance.
Subharmonic Mixers (SHM)

VDI SHMs ( LO = ½ RF frequency) have a waveguide LO input, are easy to use and ideally suited for mmWave & THz applications. These mixers can be used to up or down convert signals. The subharmonically-pumped mixers have a separate LO waveguide flange and typically exhibit > 100 dB isolation of the LO at the RF port.

Even Harmonic Mixers (EHM)  
VDI EHMs are harmonic mixers that operate at an even harmonic multiple of the LO input. EHMs are shipped with an appropriate diplexer. Alternative harmonic mixing factors and customized diplexers are available upon request.  
Other Mixers   
Fundamental mixers (FM) are available upon request, contact VDI for more information. 
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