W-Band and G-Band Diodes


Our planar diodes are available as single devices or as multiple devices arranged in series, anti-series and anti-parallel configurations. These diodes provide state-of-the-art performance and reliability. Under the Diodes tab are pricing charts for our W-Band and G-Band Diodes. Within the chart are links to the specifications for each part name. Notes shown below refer to specifications common to all parts. VDI can provide 2-3 week delivery on diodes. Please call for additional information on other types of diodes.

VDI Notes on Diode Mount and Solder
The notes linked above are some general guidelines and details that may be helpful when flip-chip mounting/soldering VDI diodes to circuits. The procedure noted here is essentially the procedure used by VDI. The VDI diode solder contact pads are Au thin films. Process times and temperatures are variable and depend upon the Customer’s circuits or substrates being used. This outline is simply intended to give some general guidelines for diode flip-chip mounting and soldering.

VDI Notes on Diode Specifications (VDI-1004)
The notes linked above describe how to interpret VDI diode specifications.

All diode orders ship with a specification sheet. Current/Voltage data for each die shipped can be included for a $300.00 surcharge which must be included as a separate line item on the purchase order. One surcharge applies to every order of 500 die or less; above 500 die there is an additional surcharge for every additional 500 die.

Specifications common to all diodes types:

  • Maximum operating temperature: 80°C
  • Maximum storage temperature: 100°C
  • Maximum dissipated power assuming appropriate heat sinking: 5dBm for ZBD, 10dBm for Single Anode, 13dBm for Anti-Parallel and Tee
  • ESD classification: 100 Volts HBM (Human Body Model)