Spectrum Analyzer Extension Modules



Virginia Diodes, Inc. (VDI) Spectrum Analyzer Extension (SAX) modules provide high performance broadband down-conversion and frequency extension of microwave spectrum analyzers into the THz range. VDI SAX modules offer full waveguide band coverage and are available from WR15 (50 to 75 GHz) to WR1.0 (750 to 1100 GHz) with additional bands under development. 
For spectrum analyzer extension mode, this turn-key, sweepable solution is compatible with most modern spectrum analyzers with external mixer option. For block down- and up-conversion, the SAX modules can be driven by an LO signal generator that meets the input frequency and power requirements. Contact VDI for spectrum analyzer extension compatibility. 
Standard Features
- Full waveguide band coverage
- Low-conversion loss and noise figure
- Broadband IF up to 40 GHz for block down-conversion.
- 8" x 5" x 3" enclosure suitable for standalone operation or mounting on optical tables and probes
- 9V DC power supply included
- IF input port for block up-conversion
- Amplifiers and filters for use with up-conversion option
- External Micrometer driven variable attenuator (~0-30dB)
- Output horn antenna for free space coupling
- Waveguide test port extensions (1" and 2" available)