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Active Detector

Description: VDI has developed a WR10AD (80-100 GHz Active Detector) for customers who are interested in passive millimeter-wave imaging. See below for picture and sample data.   

act det image

Act Det graph2    

 Parameter Specification
RF Input 80-100GHz [WR10 UG-387/UM]
Detector Output SMA(f) 
DC Bias +5V/30mA 
RF Power (Linear/Damage) < -55 dBm/-30 dBm
RF Input Power at 1dB Compression -50 dBm
Typical Responsivity 2000x106 V/W 


 Parameter Specification
Initial Vout with no RF Applied ~670 mV
Noise Figure ~3.5 dB 
LNA Gain ~30 dB 
Video Gain ~30 dB
NEP of Diode ~2 pW/Hz1/2
Responsivity of Diode ~2000 V/W 


Please contact VDI for more information at [email protected].