Vector Network Analyzer Extenders



VDI's VNA Extenders deliver high performance network analyzer frequency extension into the THz range. Models cover 50 GHz to 1,100GHz with additional bands in development. In addition to our full Transceiver (TxRx) modules, VDI also offers Transmit-Reference (TxRef) modules and Receive only (Rx) modules that deliver optimized performance for specific applications. These modules combine high test port power and exceptional dynamic range to deliver industry leading performance. They are compatible with most network analyzers and can be integrated into probe stations and antenna chambers. Power leveling and sweeping is also supported when used with our PM5 Power Meter


- Increased test port power (for selected bands)
- Micrometer driven variable attenuators (~0-30dB)
- Configured from 1.2m to 5m cables (Standard configuration is 1.2m)
- Waveguide calibration kits
- Extended dynamic range modules for high loss environments