Passive Components

VDI offers a wide variety of waveguide sections, tapers, antennae, bends, and directional couplers for your application. Please note that external dimensions are subject to change.

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Passive VDI Components
Start Freq.
Stop Freq.
for PM5
Horn Antennas Directional Couplers*
1" 2"
WR-15 50 75  Y  Y  -  Y Y
WR-12 60 90  Y  Y  -  Y Y
WR-10 75 110  Y  Y  -  Y Y
WR-8.0 90 140  Y  Y  Y  Y Y
WR-6.5 110 170  Y  Y  Y  Y Y
WR-5.1 140 220  Y  Y  Y  Y Y
WR-4.3 170 260  Y  Y  Y  Y Y
WR-3.4 220 330  Y  Y  Y  Y Y
WM-710 (WR-2.8) 260 400  Y  Y  Y  Y Y
WM-570 (WR-2.2) 325 500  Y  Y  Y  Y Y
WM-470 (WR-1.9) 400 600  Y  Y  Y  Y -
WM-380 (WR-1.5) 500 750  Y  Y  Y  Y Y
WM-310 (WR-1.2) 600 900  Y  Y  Y  Y
WM-250 (WR-1.0) 750 1100  Y  Y  Y  Y Y
VDI can provide a variety of custom parts such as bends and twists. VDI may offer other customized waveguide parts (NRE cost required).
VDI's current feedhorn specifications can be found here. Previous VDI Feedhorn documentation may be accessed here.
*General Specifications for Directional Couplers:
10dB, 20 dB coupling values available. Detailed specifications may be accessed here.
Contact VDI for more information.