Compact Converters (CC)



Virginia Diodes offers compact converters (CCs) for frequency up and down-conversion. These converters are easy to use and well suited for high performance up and down conversion of wide band modulated millimeter-wave signals. VDI CCs offer full waveguide band coverage and are available from WR28 (22.5-40 GHz) to WR10 (75-110 GHz) with additional CCs under development. Compact converters can typically be delivered within 8 weeks ARO or less. Contact VDI for more information.

Due to the double sideband nature of the CCUs, two sidebands (upper and lower sidebands) are generated during the upconversion process. A filter may be preferred for certain applications to eliminate one sideband. Click here for more information on our amplifier and filter products.   

Compact Converter Configurations

Compact Up-Converter (CCU)


Compact Down-Converter (CCD)