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Custom Receivers

VDI offers a wide variety of millimeter-wave receiver systems that cover 50GHz to ~3THz. These systems incorporate VDI's frequency multipliers coupled with commercially available amplifiers and/or microwave sources/oscillators.

Most VDI custom receive systems fall under one of two categories:

1. Mixer / Amplifier / Multiplier Chains (MixAMC)
     -Requires a customer supplied low frequency local oscillator input signal (typically <20 GHz, 10dBm).

2. Receiver (Rx)
     -Integrates a MixAMC with a low frequency source.

Standard Spectrum Analyzer Extension Modules (SAX)
VDI (SAX) modules provide high performance down-conversion and frequency extension of microwave spectrum analyzers into the THz range. VDI SAX modules offer full waveguide band coverage and are available from WR15 (50 to 75 GHz) to WR1.0 (750-1100 GHz).

Compact Receiver Modules (MixAMC-I)
VDI MixAMC-I modules offer high performance broadband down-conversion in a compact package.

Custom Receive Systems
VDI can customize receive systems for specific customer applications. Please review some example systems as presented below. Systems are available for any band within the 50-3000 GHz spectrum. The examples shown are a small subset and present some general system photos, layout and details. Contact VDI today to discuss frequency bands, input and output RF powers, phase-locking, noise temperatures, and other specifications.

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