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02/01/09: Space Qualified GaAs Schottky Diodes Available. 

2009 February 1 Newsletter    Adobe PDF icon

Space Qualified GaAs Schottky Diodes                                                 February 1, 2009
VDI has recently expanded its Microelectronics facility to include a new diode test and sort area for the processing of Space Qualified diodes. This new clean areais access controlled and includes a formal ESD control program for diode processing. VDI is now ready to fabricate, test and deliver diodes for your millimeter and submillimeter-wave space applications.

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  VDI fabricates a broad range of GaAs Schottky diodes for applications in the frequency range spanning from about 100 GHz to over 2 THz. This product line includes planar varistor and varactor diodes for mixers, frequency multipliers and direct detectors. These diodes are primarily used in VDI’s component and systems products. However, standard diode designs are also available for direct sale. VDI’s diodes are also available for the production of Space Qualified components. To receive more information about VDI’s diodes and their applications, please contact VDI’s technical support team at [email protected].