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12/01/07: Check Out VDI's Products at MWE 2007. 

2007 December Newsletter    Adobe PDF icon

AMUTEKKUSU Inc (AmTechs Corporation) will show VDI mixer, multiplier, detector, Rx, and Tx mm-Wave and THz products at MWE 2007 in Japan.




VDI greatly appreciates our collaboration with AMUTEKKUSU Inc /AmTechs and all the support they give VDI customers in Japan.

Visit AmTechs Corporation at:
AMUTEKKUSU Inc., Microwave Exhibition 2007 to exhibit.
Microwave Exhibition 2007
Period: 2007 November 28 (Wed.) - 30 (Fri) day
Venue: Pacifico Yokohama Exhibition Hall D
AmTechs Corporation booth number: D406 (D405: NPS Ltd. and co-like exhibit)

For more information and VDI sales in Japan contact AMUTEKKUSU Inc. today.