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05/01/07: Learn About THz Frequency Triplers at 2007 IMS. 

2007 May 1 Newsletter    Adobe PDF icon

Dr. David Porterfield, Vice President and principal of VDI, will present a paper at the 2007 IEEE MTT-S International Microwave Symposium, June 3-8 in Honolulu, Hawaii. The presentation will cover recent advances in varactor tripler development at Virginia Diodes, Inc. An excerpt from the paper appears below:

“Design and experimental analysis of high-power and high-efficiencyfrequency triplers to the 220 GHz and 440 GHz bands are presented. Test data for the 220 GHz tripler show 23 mW output power with 16 % efficiency.Test data for the 440 GHz tripler show 13 mW output power with 12 % efficiency. The 3 dB bandwidth for both triplers is about 7 %. Thisperformance is comparable to the best reported in the literature at these frequencies. There are no mechanical tuners and thus the triplers may beelectronically swept to any frequency in the band. The triplers comprise a waveguide housing, a pair of quartz microstrip circuits and a Virginia Diodes(VDI) GaAs Schottky varactor chip. The simple circuit topology makes it easy to assemble the multipliers and bias the varactors. A version to 800 GHz hasbeen designed and should be available for testing in 2007. The design is scalable to frequencies above 1 THz.”

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