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2005 December Newsletter    Adobe PDF icon

Below statement published by the Thz Network

Announcing the Terahertz Science and Technology Network

There has been a recent explosion of interest in using terahertz (THz) radiation to investigate questions in chemistry, biology, physics, medicine and materials science. Simultaneously there has been a rapid development of a broad array of experimental tools for working with THz radiation. In response we have launched the THz Science and Technology Network. The Network’s goals are to lower barriers to experimental and theoretical research involving THz radiation, to foster interaction and technological innovation, and to expand the THz community.

A key component of the Network is an extensive website which will ultimately provide: thumbnail sketches of terahertz research areas, detailed descriptions of THz research nodes, expert contact lists, a virtual journal, a spectral database, calibration data, educational materials, an interactive virtual spectrometer, a buyers guide, how-to manuals, press releases, a jobs clearinghouse, conferences, and FAQs. Other components will include education, outreach, development of health and calibration standards, and an interface with industry and international cooperation.

- The THz Science and Technology Network Interim Steering Committee
© 2006 THz Science & Technology Network

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