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12/01/05: VDI Marketing Products in Japan. 

2005 December 1 Newsletter    Adobe PDF icon

THz Technology and Science is a major initiative in Japan and AmTechs-VDI are making every effort to meet the Customer’s needs. Amtechs Corporation (AmT) continues to offer outstanding customer service and distribute VDI products throughout Japan. Visit AmT today at to see a wide range of mmWave, THz, RF, GPS, GIS, and Test Equipment Products.
Dr Jeffrey Hesler, Vice President VDI, recently gave an invited lecture at Tera Tech 2005 in Osaka. Dr. Hesler exhibited VDI products with Amtechs (below). Please visit for further details.



Amtechs also attended the Microwave Workshop Exhibition (MWE 2005) in Pacifico Yokohama during November 2005 to discuss VDI products with customers.

Contact AmTechs today in Japan for further information about VDI products.