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7/13/15: Check out VDI's Integrated Mixer Amplifier Chains. 

2015 July Newsletter    Adobe PDF icon

Virginia Diodes’ Standard Mixer / Amplifier Multiplier Chains (MixAMCs) provide high performance broadband down-conversion and frequency extension of microwave spectrum analyzers into the THz range.

VDI now offers Integrated MixAMC modules that provide industry leading performance in a compact package. Integrated MixAMC modules utilize a low frequency LO input (<20GHz, -2dBm typical) and have separate IF output port. Integrated MixAMC modules are typically configured with IF amplifiers (~10MHz-3GHz, ~20-30dB gain), but alternate IF configurations (higher IF BW) are also available.

Typical dimensions of integrated MixAMC modules are: 0.75” x 1.0” x 2.2”.

These modules are recommended for customers who are looking to down-convert THz signals and not looking for frequency extension of microwave spectrum analyzers. Click here to go to the Integrated MixAMC product page.


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