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11/15/23: Revolutionizing Terahertz Measurements for 6G

The University of Stuttgart, in close collaboration with VDI and Keysight Technologies, introduced the Crosslink system, which successfully transmitted a complex modulated signal over a THz channel. This groundbreaking achievement marks a significant stride toward realizing 6G and its potential for immense data rate availability through the utilization of the Terahertz frequency range and its exceptionally high bandwidth.

Advancing this technology necessitates ongoing development of precise measurement solutions for evaluating channel performance and distortion between transmitters and receivers. Correcting these distortions is crucial for optimal functionality in 6G applications. Watch the video below to hear from Prof. Ingmar Kallfass of Stuttgart and VDI CEO Tom Crowe to discover more about this collaborative effort propelling us closer to the frontier of next-generation wireless technology! See the video here.   

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